Wednesday, May 03, 2006



Alternative energy has always interested me and seems to be getting more publicity these days. Bill gates has recently invested in Ethanol fuel and it is gaining attraction. All the high gas prices and signs that this is the new level of pricing is going to force people to move onto alternative energy. All around investing in a different energy is great. The environment gets helped, foreign dependance is less, and new economic growth is possible in new areas.



I have been reading recently about technology combining into one. People already can access internet and video on their phones. At some point there will be one set that has all the technology a person will want on it. As time goes on it is leaning toward a way of combining all technologys into one wire.

Thursday, March 23, 2006



Some companies now are having employees put in the micro chips under their skin. I personally hope that I am never forced to put a chip on my body. The whole idea scares me into thinking that big brother is really watching. It is bad enough all your actions are being monitored financially but now my everday movements. Do not sign me up and I would be offended by putting a chip on my body.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006



This past weekend was the largest lottery jackpot in history at 365 million. I bought five tickets and didn't completly lose. I got the powerball number but for the group of people that won their lives are forever changed for the better, they think. With all that money I was thinking about how people would be acting toward them differently. There is no way all that money can't change a person and theres no way your friends are going to treat you the same way. It's just fun to think about not worrying about anything with all the money but there for sure are going to be problems that come up due to the winnings.

Monday, February 13, 2006



This website connects people to each other more so than any other on the web. The concept of talking to people online is still new but very intriguing. Anyone can talk to anyone else in the world. People are also spending a lot more time on the internet. People sometimes prefer typing than person to person contact. The trend keeps on happening as more people find ways of having 'online friends'

Monday, February 06, 2006


super bowl

The super bowl was at one time not a important thing. Today it is as much a national holiday as anything. The game actually has the nation and the world all focusing on one thing. This is the only time this happens which makes it such a phenomanon. The game is a example of how far technology has come. The game is viewed in hundreds of countries all over the world, and can be heard on the radio all over the world. The game has been a strong staple of American culture and will continue to be.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


web site sale

I heard today that sold for 12 million dollars. would be one of the most notable websites on the internet. Its name is so familiar and recognizeable, it is easy to see that it was highly coveted. The website is going to be all about sex but not be pornographic. Pornography is the most popular part of the internet. It does make sense that the site would go for so much money.

Monday, January 23, 2006



So on Friday night my laptop and playstation2 were stolen from my room. It has not been an easy thing losing those. The laptop besides the money had the best technology at my finger tips. Now I no longer have that ability. There are tons of computers on campus so I can still do work but the convenience is gone. The PS2 I'm sure for many is a favorite. No longer can I play any time I want. I have to use someone elses which is fine but It is nice to have your own. Basically I recomend everyone lock their doors. And appreciate the technology that you have.

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